IN JAMAICA: Murder at school gate in Kingston......‘Shortman’ was shot several times with 2 young children in car.

Tarrant Primary students, accompanied
 by adults, make their way home
 from school following the
killing yesterday.
STUDENTS and staff of Tarrant Primary School at 31 Molynes Road in St Andrew were severely traumatised yesterday morning when a father who had just dropped off his son was shot and killed, metres from the school gate.
Thirty-six-year-old mechanic Rohan Newman, otherwise called ‘Shortman’ or ‘Rudie’ of 48 Dumbarton Avenue, Kingston 10, had just reentered his silver motorcar and was about to drive away with his two other young children when a lone gunman approached and fired at him.
Crime scene investigators look at the
motorcar in which Rohan Newman was
 shot and killed at Molynes Road
Newman was hit several times and sped off before crashing into a perimeter wall at the nearby Tarrant High School. He died slumped over the steering wheel. The two children were not physically hurt and were removed from the scene by police.
As bystanders gathered behind the yellow police cordon, parents were seen picking up their children from the primary school. One young female student seemed particularly affected as she sat cupping her face in her fists with a distant look in her eyes. Trauma counsellors from the Ministry of Education visited the school trying to console the frightened students. Police said relatives of the victim were also receiving counselling. more

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