Meet the Black Teen Genius With an IQ Higher Than Bill Gates... Ramarni Wilfred with IQ of 162

Ramarni Wilfred
Some of the most famous geniuses of our time have all had one thing in common—they all had higher IQ levels than the average person. Now, one British teenager and child prodigy is performing at levels higher than geniuses like Bill Gates and Albert Einstein. Meet Ramarni Wilfred. Wilfred showed signs of genius potential from an early age. In pre-school, he was already able to read and write before other kids in his age group and by age 10, he had written a paper on justice theory that earned high academic acclaim and got the attention of an organization called MENSA, a high IQ society that caters to individuals whose IQ ranks in the top 2% of the global population. › ramarni-wilfred-black-genius-iq

  1. Ramarni Wilfred
    May 28, 2020 · British teenager Ramarni Wilfred aced his IQ test. According to BBC, Wilfred scored higher than scientist Albert Einstein, Bill Gates, and physicist Stephen Hawking at age 11. By achieving a 162, the young student, who studies at a comprehensive school in east London, is considered a genius and the smartest boy in England’s capital.

Meet the Full Team Representing Jamaica at the 2021 Tokyo Olympics

Jamaicas 2021 Olympic team to Japan

Wednesday, July 21, 21

Jamaica will field a team of 61 male and female track and field athletes – 29 men and 32 women – at the 2021 Summer Olympic Games in Tokyo to be held from July 23, 2021, through August 8, 2021. The 61-member squad was ratified and submitted to World Athletics and includes five athletes who did not qualify in their performances, but were chosen because their performances did allow them to finish within the quota set by the organizers. Four reserves who will not be included on the relay teams were also named.

In addition, Jamaica will feature in the sports of Swimming, Boxing, Diving, Gymnastics, and Judo. Super heavyweight boxer Ricardo Brown is the first to represent Jamaica in this event since 1996. Jamaica’s Yona Knight-Wisdom entered Olympic competition by finishing among the top 18 of the Men’s Springboard event at the 2021 FINA Diving World Cup in Tokyo. British-born Danusia Francis will be Jamaica’s sole representative in the All-Around gymnastics event, while Ebony Drysdale Daley will compete for Jamaica in the women’s Judoka event.

BREAKING: 5 shot, 3 killed on Jarrett Lane off Mountain View Ave in East Kingston


File photo: Police control of a crime scene
Saturday, July 10, 2021
RulaBrownNetwork (#RBN)

Reports are that gunmen alighted from a vehicle at the corner of Mountain View Ave and Jarrett Lane and sprayed several gunshots up Jarrett Lane where residents were gathered outside of a popular local spot.

At the end of the attack, it is suspected that five persons were shot, three killed and others who were injured taken to hospital for medical treatment.

Long standing feud, resulting in attacks and counter-attacks have been taking place over the past 15 to 25 years. A number of neighbouring communities such as Oliver Road, Rockfort, Jarrett Lane, Jacques Road, Mountain View Ave and others in East Kingston have been caught up in the vollies.

With school children living in these communities, it must be jarring and frightening to experience these maddening situations. We hope that people will come to realize that no one wins when we kill our brothers and sisters. An elderly person or a child could have been walking on the street at the time of the attack, and then what?

We need peace and love, proper education and tools to enhance and uplift families to produce major progress and positive changes, NOT GUNS. MORE TO COME...DEVELOPING STORY


by Raquel Porter of The Jamaica Observer

August 29, 2018 (Republished)

Excited about their knapsacks they received at the PALAS, Inc
health fair in Jarrett Lane, east Kingston, these lads
 make their way home

JARRETT Lane, an east Kingston community that has been marred by ongoing violence in recent months, was on Sunday transformed into an atmosphere of jubilation and camaraderie when residents converged at Zion Episcopal Baptist Church to access free health checks.

The residents welcomed the health fair, which was hosted by Peace And Love Academic Scholarship (PALAS, Inc), and expressed gratitude to the organisers, PALAS, Inc founder and Executive Director Ruel “Rula” Brown and Chairman, attorney Patrick Campbell, who were both born and raised in the community before migrating to the United States of America.

When the Jamaica Observer visited the tough community in the Mountain View area on Sunday, residents from Jarrett Lane and surrounding communities crammed inside the church as they took advantage of free eye tests, blood pressure checks and other checks

Rula Brown, PALAS Founder
presents a gift to a student
The residents were also fed while they waited to see the doctors, who were past PALAS, Inc scholarship recipients. The children were also given knapsacks and stationery for back to school.

Moving about freely on the church compound, the residents were on Sunday able to relax and unwind without the fear and anxiety that have been haunting them recently.

Loxy Anderson, 60, said, for him, the highlight of the health fair was that two men, whom he described as “sons of the soil”, demonstrated that there is more associated with Jarett Lane than just crime and violence.

“Jarrett Lane is known to be one of the most volatile communities [in the country], let’s face it. We all know these things, but there comes a time when things can change.“No one would understand and believe that these brothers are from Jarrett Lane, but they were here. They played football, they played scrimmage, dem play marble, dem play everything right in here so,” Anderson said. “They have seen a number of things… they have seen it happen around them, dem playmate, dem neighbour. It happened, but out of evil come forth good from the community, and they are now giving back to the community.”

Pointing out the joy that was evident on the church compound, Anderson said: “See Miss King there, in her wheelchair. See brother Burke there, and Miss Pearly there. Those people know these youngsters (Campbell and Brown), they know their grandparents, parents, their brothers and sisters. Is like one big family. What more could we ask for? It’s beyond a health fair, as you can see youngsters going out to school… every youngster get a Jansport bag.”

The resident continued: “Good people come from Jarrett Lane. We have singer; we have lawyer; we have doctor, even though GSAT (Grade Six Achievement Test) is over with now, just check the GSAT passes. We have Campion, we have Ardenne, more than one.”

Trevor Smith, 55, who has been living in the community all his life, was overwhelmed with joy.

Dr. Tiffany Campbell of 
PALAS in action at the
health fare in Jarrett Lane
“It is a very good feeling. Things like this should happen more often. Mr Brown is from this community. He went away and he’s successful overseas, and now he’s giving back to the community and this is not the first. He has been giving back scholarships, a whole bunch of grants to this community and others. When he first started, it was just this community, but it gone Caribbean-wide. “As you can see, it is a lot of help. A lot of kids getting tested, you know a lot of students going back to school and they have to pay for the medical, but they get it here for free,” Smith said, adding that he, too, was waiting to have his eyes tested.

Rodger Scott, whose three-year-old son Rogeef was examined by Dr Tiffany Campbell, said the health fair reduced the burden on the clinics in the area.

A father of two, who spoke to the Observer on condition of anonymity, said that when he saw the fliers for the health fair he knew he had to take advantage of the opportunity.

The man, who was from Saunders Avenue, sat inside the church with his children as he waited for their names to be called.

Church members and citizens
had a great treat complements 
Last month, after heavy gunfire in the area, which the police said erupted when they thwarted a planned attack on gangsters at Oliver Road by gunmen from Jarrett Lane, residents expressed annoyance with the violence.

“Mi tiad a it, but mi cyaan do nothing. Them want to control the entire place. We just have to keep our children and ourselves safe,” said one Jarrett Lane resident, who spoke on condition of anonymity then. PALAS, Inc is a non-profit organisation that was founded in 2011 as a result of the brutal killing of Vanessa Campbell, a Jamaican reggae artiste and past student at Bridgeport High School. Since then, the organisation’s mission has evolved to provide academic scholarships to underserved students in Jamaica and the wider Caribbean.

The organisation has provided approximately 691 scholarships, valuing more than JA$65 million since its inception. PALAS received 454 applications in 2021 and is struggling to raise funds to support 80 scholarships. Results will be known in 2 weeks. A virtual awards presentation will take place on Saturday, August 28, 2021.

Please make a donation by Cashapp through your bank at $palas1 or online at Reminder that PALAS's motto is "Preserving Young Minds for Posterity".