IN JAMAICA: 'Dead just like him father' Residents claim don ‘Andrew Phang’ and son killed in similar fashion....."Him was in him house sleeping and dem go in there and kill him. Him was in him underpants"

THE son of former Grant's Pen don 'Andrew Phang', who was himself cut down by agents of the State, was killed by police at his home on Lady Huggins Avenue in the community yesterday. He was identified by a relative as 18-year-old Shaquielle Stephens.
The blood-stained floor of the
 ransacked house where
18-year-old Shaquielle Stephens
 was fatally shot by police yesterday.
According to their report, the police went to 13 Lady Huggins Avenue and saw a woman and three men standing at the gate. They entered the premises and went to a house based on information they had gathered. But before they could apprehend Stephens, he allegedly pulled a gun and attempted to open fire. They, in turn, opened fire hitting Stephens.
The police said the gun seized was illegal. However, as sleuths assigned to the Independent Commission of Investigations processed the scene, some residents accused the police of lying.
"Him was in him house sleeping and dem go in there and kill him. Him was in him underpants," one resident said in a hushed tone. Blood stains were on the floor of the two-room dwelling where the shooting occurred and mattresses and furniture lay strewn about, an indication that the house had been ransacked by the police. more

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