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Yush Top 100 Gregory Isaacs Singles
Posted: October 27th, 2010

Gregory Isaacs.
He was a one of a kind singer so deserved the above one line tribute!
Another thing best remembered about singer Gregory Isaacs is that he was a prolific singer. His output of songs, albeit to various producers on an assortment of varied quality labels, was simply huge.
Shortlisting hundreds of songs into this list of 100 was a relentless task which on completion leaves the feeling you have left out a vitally important track or other.
Maybe it is a good idea to have this list be dynamic and continually updated if (or when) we remember a missed crucial tracks or whether you, beloved reader/browser/surfer, submit or make a suggestion. We are open to your input.
For now please accept these 100 songs which, as far as we can see, represents the best of Gregory Isaacs published work. We hope you enjoy them as much as we enjoyed sifting, listening and collecting them.

The 100 Singles
All I Have is Love
Article Don
Be Mine Tonight
Big All Around
Black Liberation Struggle
Bumping And Boring
Call Me Collect
Can’t Give You My Love Alone
Confirm Reservation
Cool Down The Pace
Cream Of The Crop
Easy Life
Feature Attraction
Feeling Irie
Front Door
Get Ready
Give A Little Love
Guilty For Your Love
Hard Drugs
Hot Stepper
House Of The Rising Sun
Hush Darling
I Am Sorry
If I Don’t Have You
Innercity Lady
Intimate Potential
John Public
Late At Night
Let Off Supm
Let’s Dance
Live And Love
Lonely Days
Lonely Soldier
Look Before You Leap
Love Is Overdue
Love Me Or Leave Me
Love Me With Feeling
Lover’s Magic
Loving Pauper
Material Man
Mind Yu Dis
Mr. Brown
Mr. Cop
Mr. Know It All
Mr. Sweetness
Mr. Yesterday
My Number One
My Only Lover
My Relationship
My Time
Native Woman
Night Nurse
Not The Way
Objection Overruled
Oh What A Feeling
One Man Against The World
One More Time
One One Cocoa
Out Deh
Permanent Lover
Poor And Clean
Poor Millionaire
Private Beach Party
Private Secretary
Raving Tonight
Ready Pass Freddie
Red Rose For Gregory
Report To Me
Rock Away
Rose In The Garden
Rough Neck
Sad To Know (You’re Leaving)
Set The Captives Free
She Doesn’t Want Me
Slave Master
Slow Down
Soon Forward
Special To Me
Stick By Me
Stranger In Your Town
Teacher’s Plight
Thank You
The Winner
Top Ten
Tribute To Waddy
Tune In
Uncle Joe
Universal Tribulation
Wailing Rudie
When Hungry Walks
Word Of The Farmer
compiled by Michael Conally at Yush
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