Jamaican-born woman to receive US Presidential Lifetime Award. Rev Dr Marilyn Grant, presidential lifetime awardee

 Monday, November 22, 2021

Rev Dr Marilyn Grant, presidential lifetime awardee
New York, USA  The United States Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award is to be bestowed on Jamaican immigrant Rev Dr Marilyn Grant at a ceremony in Connecticut on December 11, 2021.

The annual award seeks to honor people “who exhibit outstanding character, work ethic, and dedication to their communities”, and was established by executive order by former President George W Bush in 2003.

Grant has been involved in charitable and religious work for over a decade, helping displaced women, in particular, “to get a second chance of a good education, build self-esteem, and find affordable housing” among other notable programmes.

A member of the Church of God denomination for more than 18 years, Rev Grant says she continues to be part of that religious entity, even after launching her own Women for Christ Outreach Ministries. She also runs a programme mentoring women and men, which she hosts at the University of Connecticut.

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