Judge Michelle Odinet in Louisiana Asks For 'Forgiveness' After Video Shows Repeated Use Of N-Word In Her Home


by Josephine Harvey
Lafayette City Court Judge Michelle Odinet in Louisiana claimed she had taken a sedative at the time and had no recollection of the video.

Judge Michelle Odinet
12/14/2021 09:55pm ESTA judge in Louisiana, Michelle Odinet, has asked for “forgiveness and understanding” after a video surfaced capturing a series of racist remarks as her family gathered to watch security footage of an attempted burglary at their home.

A Black man was reportedly arrested in connection with the burglary at the Lafayette City Court judge’s home in Bendel Gardens over the weekend. A video that circulated after the incident appeared to show members of her family joking and using the N-word to recap the burglary while they watched the security footage. Odinet, who has four children, confirmed to local news site The Current that the footage was from her home. It’s unclear who shot it, who exactly is using the language and who sent it to several members of the local media.

The site also published the video, which contains disturbing and explicit language amid joking and laughter.

At one point, a voice is heard saying, “And mom’s yelling n****r, n****r,” to which a woman’s voice answered: “We have a n****r. It’s a n****r, like a roach.” more

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