JAMAICAN Dwayne Dubidad of St. Mary's College - A unique aesthetic....Dwayne isn't just good, he's great, and his pieces tell the story.

By PETULIA CLARKE Education editor  Sunday, September 21, 2014    
THE first public acknowledgement of his talent probably came in primary school, where, like his siblings, he did astoundingly well in art. Then came much prompting from his teacher, Ms Chung, at St Mary's College, prodding that made him take enough interest to sit art as a subject in CXC. By the time he entered Mico University College, more encouragement caused him to hone this skill, and begin creating wonders on canvas.
Dwayne Dubidad
Dwayne Dubidad, 30, isn't just good, he's great, and his pieces tell the story. He conceptualises on canvas a kaleidoscope of emotions -- a simple silhouette can tell many tales, depending on the viewer's mood at the time.
And surprisingly, painting wasn't always his passion; he favoured sketching early on.
"My dad has five kids. We are all very good at art. I was good at drawing but my sister is the one who liked to paint," he laughs.
"I took up painting at Mico when my art teacher said that I'd be good at it."
He explained that his hesitation was because of the colour mixing -- "I just couldn't get the right colour."
But then he soon recognised that perfection at mixing came with experience and the more you do it, the better you get. Now he does acrylic, and he is inspired by everything around him. more

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