TRUMP THUNDERS: ‘BIG PRICE’ FOR CHEMICAL ATTACK : Trump Blames Putin, Iran For Backing ‘Animal Assad’ In Wake Of Reported Chemical Attack... He also criticized Obama for not ending Syria’s violent conflict “long ago.”

President Donald Trump lashed out Sunday at Russian President Vladimir Putin and Iran for supporting Syrian President Bashar Assad following a reported government chemical attack in Syria that left dozens dead.
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Assad - War Criminal
Children gassed in Syria
“President Putin, Russia and Iran are responsible for backing Animal Assad,” Trump tweeted. “Another humanitarian disaster for no reason whatsoever. SICK!” Trump, often reluctant to criticize Putin, suggested there would be a “big price to pay,” though it’s unclear if he was referring to the Russian and Iranian governments for backing the oppressive Syrian leader or the Syrian government for allegedly carrying out the attack.
Children gassed in Syria
A chemical attack in the rebel-held Syrian town of eastern Ghouta on Saturday left at least 49 people dead, including over a dozen children, according to the Syrian American Medical Society, a medical relief organization. Aid groups blamed Assad’s government for the attack, though the Russian-backed regime denied it was behind it. more

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