Starbucks To Close More Than 8,000 Stores For Racial Bias Education... Two black men were arrested at a Philadelphia cafe last week while waiting for a friend to arrive.

By Doha Madani 4/17/18

Starbucks plans to close more than 8,000 locations next month so that employees can receive racial bias education after two black men were arrested at one of the chain’s stores, the company announced Tuesday
Demonstrators inside a Starbucks in Philadelphia on Monday, protesting after two black men were arrested in the store la
Protesters at Starbucks
The announcement comes one day after Starbucks CEO Kevin Johnson met with the men who were arrested Thursday while they waited for a friend at a cafe in Philadelphia. Protests broke out at that Starbucks location on Monday, and demonstrators said the arrests were indicative of institutional racism. 
The company said the training would aim to address implicit bias, teach employees how to prevent discrimination and promote conscious inclusion. Employees will receive the training on and the stores will close for the afternoon of May 29. 
The store manager who called 911 about the men has since left the company, the Philadelphia Inquirer reported.  more

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