KINGSTON PHONE TIEF: Alleged phone thief battered by mob in Half-Way-Tree

Three security guards do their best
 to restrain the alleged phone thief. 
The alleged thief is subdued. 
Sunday, March 11, 2018

A woman was robbed by a man in the Springs Plaza, St Andrew, yesterday, but before the alleged thief could reach safety, he was held by a security guard, following frantic shouts of “Thief, thief mi want mi phone” by the victim of the robbery.
While the guard held onto the man, a growing crowd was by this time calling for him to be killed. Within minutes, the crowd had grown too large for the security guard. They rained blows all over the body of the alleged thief. Other security personnel joined in the rescue of the man, but they were outnumbered by the angry mob, which included a security guard (from another company) who kicked the bleeding, alleged “phone grabber” in his groin, pulled a knife from his waist, and seemed intent on cutting the already wounded man. That security officer was eventually pulled way by members of the crowd, who were begging for “mercy”. more

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