SANTA CRUZ, St Elizabeth – Justice Minister Delroy Chuck: Jamaica's Buggery law will only be changed by a referendum

Friday, June 16, 2017

SANTA CRUZ, St Elizabeth – Justice Minister Delroy Chuck yesterday reiterated the Government's position that Jamaica's contentious buggery law will only be changed by a referendum.
JPs pay attention at yesterday's training seminar at Beadle's
Hall in Santa Cruz, St Elizabeth. (Photo: Ainsley Clarke) 
However, while insisting on what he said was a personal position that homosexuality is morally “wrong”, Chuck questioned whether it was the business of the law to determine right and wrong of private sexual conduct.
“The Government's position is clear and I will repeat it, the law will not be changed, save and except by a referendum. The buggery law will never be changed unless a referendum so decides,” Chuck told justices of the peace during a training seminar at the Beadle's Hall in Santa Cruz.
Responding to what he said were questions being asked about his own position, the minister said: “Let me make it very clear, I do not believe that the anus is a sexual organ. I am against homosexuality (loud applause), quite frankly I believe it's wrong but at the same time I believe it's equally wrong for anyone to promote homophobia (hatred of homosexuals)…” he said.
He argued that people had a right to their own views and positions on issues. “…Once they do not infringe… your rights and freedoms we must respect them. In a democracy differing views must contend,” he said. more