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Usain Bolt blasts officials for reducing Tyson Gay's doping ban fter he tested positive for an anabolic steroid last year..."I'm not really happy with the situation and with how it was done,"

Thursday, July 24, 2014    
GLASGOW, Scotland (CMC) — Sprint super star Usain Bolt has criticised anti-doping officials for reducing Tyson Gay's doping ban after he tested positive for an anabolic steroid last year.
Gay and Bolt's fellow Jamaican sprinter Asafa Powell, both 31, failed drug tests for oxilofrine, in July 2013.
Gay was given a one-year ban and Powell was initially suspended for 18 months.
BOLT… you are pretty much telling
people that this is a way out, it's
a way of beating the system
"I'm not really happy with the situation and with how it was done," Bolt said.
"I think for someone like [fellow Jamaican] Asafa [Powell] to get a ban of 18 months for that [stimulant oxilofrine] and then Tyson Gay get just one year because of cooperating, I think it is sending a bad message into the sport that you can do it [dope], but if you cooperate with us, we'll reduce the sentence."
Powell claimed his ruling was "unfair and unjust", and said a legal supplement he took, Epiphany D1, was contaminated.
He appealed to the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) and his ban was subsequently reduced to six months.
Former 100m and 200m world champion Gay could have been banned for up to two years, but received a lighter penalty because he co-operated with the US Anti-Doping Agency.
"I don't think that's the right way to go," Bolt insisted.
"... because you are pretty much telling people that this is a way out, it's a way of beating the system."
Both Gay and Powell have now returned to action.
Bolt is scheduled to race for the first time this year in the Commonwealth Games 4x100m relay next week.

NEW SKY SCARE: FLIGHT GOES MISSING : Air Algerie Plane Missing: Flight AH5017 Disappears From Radar

PARIS (AP) — France's transport minister says the Air Algerie flight carrying 116 people vanished over northern Mali.
The flight was traveling from Burkina Faso to Algeria's capital when it disappeared from radar early Thursday. Transport Minister Frederic Cuvillier spoke Thursday from a crisis center set up in the French Foreign Ministry. Source : Huffington Post

PALAS UPDATE: PALAS to award 70 new scholarships in 2014-2015..... Hon. Lisa Hanna & Attorney Patrick Campbell to deliver keynote addresses at awards presentation at University of the West Indies (UWI)-Mona Campus, Sat Aug 23, in JAMAICA. Reggae singer, Winsome Benjamin will provide the entertainment.."33 other students who met our criteria regrettably will be bypassed due to lack of funds." Stats; 17 male & 53 female students, 29 high school & 41 university students, there were 140 applicants....One-hundred eighty-five (185) total scholarships awarded in 4 years....We are still seeking donations at www.PALAS1.org.

 ATLANTA, GA – July 23, 2014 (Update): Peace and Love Academic Scholarship, Inc. (PALAS) will award seventy (70) new scholarships for the academic year 2014-2015 to worthy, but economically challenged high school and University/College students  in Jamaica and the wider Caribbean region. Honourable Lisa Hanna, Minister of Youth & Culture and Attorney Patrick Campbell of Washington D.C will deliver the Keynote addresses at the 4th annual award ceremony - UWI in KingstonJamaica on Saturday, August 23, 2014, commencing at 5:00pm. Reggae songbird, Winsome Benjamin will provide the entertainment. The Master of Ceremonies will be Mr. Winston Cowans.

PALAS, the Atlanta-headquartered charity organization, has received the support of various corporate bodies and individuals to support the students. The stated mission of the group is to recognize and honor outstanding academic performances of under privileged students residing in the Caribbean region.
Hon. Lisa Hanna,
 Minister of Youth & Culture

The PALAS program was established in December 2010, to honor the memory of young Vanessa Campbell, an aspiring Jamaican artiste who was a casualty of the burgeoning crime and violence problem in Portmore, Jamaica. After Vanessa’s untimely death, an initial scholarship program was created as the SSSJamz/Vanessa Campbell Academic Scholarship to assist high school students from her alma mater, Bridgeport High School. To sustain this effort PALAS has been soliciting funds from all quarters.

Since the inception of the program, PALAS awarded 185 scholarships valued approx. J$8.1 million (US$80,000.00), 20 computers and mentoring for some of the students. Some highlights over the 4 years are; 1,415% increase in scholarships, 376 applicants including Medical Students, Science & Engineering, Law students, Nursing, Business/Accounting and Liberal/Fine arts student applicants. The program is available to students residing in the Caribbean region. The students range in age 12-32 years old from various high schools, UWI, UTECH, NCU, EXED, Shortwood College, UTECH-Guyana and AAIMS Medical School. 
Patrick Campbell, Attorney

PALAS continues to strive for “Preserving Young Minds for Posterity”; we would like to thank all the supporters of these most deserving students who are aiming to reach above the sky. The PALAS scholarship application process for the 2014-2015 academic years was opened April 1, through May 30, 2014. 

Founder, Rula Brown said “the unfortunate news about PALAS’s effort is that, there were an additional thirty-three (33) students who met the criteria for scholarships, but due to the lack of funds we could not assist at this time.”  You may Partner with PALAS (PWP) to have a scholarship in your name, loved one or business by donating a minimum of US$350.00.

Please make a donation to the PALAS program before July 31st. by sending a check to:

PALAS or Peace and Love Academic Scholarship
P.O. Box 5461
Alpharetta, GA 30023-5461. USA
Email: peaceandlovescholarship@gmail.com

Or donate online at www.PALAS1.org with PAYPAL, VISA, MASTERCARD or Check.
Singer, Winsome Benjamin will
entertain and present the
 SCHOLARSHIP to a student at event

About Peace and Love Academic Scholarship, Inc.
Peace and Love Academic Scholarship is a non-profit, 501(c) (3) organization in Atlanta, Georgia founded by Jamaican-born Rula Brown. PALAS’ mission is to help improve the health, education and general well-being of less fortunate children residing in the Caribbean region.

Since its formal launch in December 2010, PALAS has dedicated its resources, human and financial, to help make a difference in the lives of underserved children in Jamaica, West Indies as the well as the wider Caribbean region. For further information about PALAS including sponsorship opportunities, please visit www.PALAS1.org.

For additional information contact:
Rula Brown, PALAS Exec. Director
rulabrown@gmail.com or (770) 715-0224
Or send email to peaceandlovescholarship@gmail.com


UKRAINE KIEV, Ukraine (AP) — Two Ukrainian military fighter jets have been shot down in the east, according to the country's Defense Ministry.

The Sukhoi-25 fighters were shot down 1:30 p.m. local time Wednesday over an area called Savur Mogila. Defense Ministry spokesman Oleksiy Dmitrashkovsky says the planes may have been carrying up to two crew members each. Source: Huffington Post

9-Year-Old South African Boy, Sanele Masilela Marries Elderly Woman, 61 y-o Helen Shabangu who has 5 kids of her own.

July 23, 2014
It's not legal, it's not sexual, but it is still disturbing.
A woman in her 60s, who is a mother of five, renewed her marriage vows with a 9-year-old boy in a wedding ceremony in South Africa earlier this month. Helen Shabangu wed Sanele Masilela in a second ceremony in as many years on July 12 in Kildare Village, Ximhungwe.
The couple got married last year after Masilela said his dead ancestors told him to, according to Barcroft Media.
Story continues below ...
nine year old groom
The second ceremony took place because the boy wanted to make it "official," though members of both families made it clear that the marriage was not legally binding, the pair do not live together and, as the Independent reports, they don't have sexual relations.
In fact, Shabangu is a married mother of five, according to South Africa's Daily Sun,where the story appears to have originated. But, the Sun reports that some villagers found the ceremony disgusting.
“I am shocked. This is wrong," Tressy Mathebula told the Sun. The wedding was also attended by Shabangu's husband, Alfred Shabangu, who spoke out in support of the wedding.
"My kids and I are happy because we don't have a problem with her marrying the boy -- and I don’t care what other people say,” Shabangu said, according to the Mirror.
Masilela's mother, Patience, defended the wedding, as well, in a press release obtained by BuzzFeed.
"People keep asking will they live together, sleep together, have babies, but I keep telling them that after the wedding, everything went back to normal –- nothing changed," she said. "All this ceremony is for making ancestors happy. We are playing.”
Masilela told Barcroft he would marry a woman his own age when he got older.
His parents shelled out about $1,700 for the ceremony, according to Barcroft.
With these stories that come from far-off lands and are pitched by photo agencies, there is often cause to be skeptical that they are, in fact, what they appear to be.
The Huffington Post reached out to Joel Samoff, a professor of African studies at Stanford University in California, who called the story "possible" but not "significant."
"I suppose it is possible. But it is certainly not significant. Perhaps in the realm of carnival side shows -- the lady with the heavy beard, or twelve fingers and toes," Samoff said in an email to HuffPost.
The professor also said that having two ceremonies was not unusual.
"On ceremonies, just as in the U.S., sometimes the two families prefer to organize two ceremonies, for example, in a Christian/Jewish marriage, or when the two families live far apart," Samoff said. "That, too, seems neither very unusual nor very significant."
Source: Huffington Post

CHRONIXX - "Here Comes Trouble" on The Tonight Show

Nico & Vinz: "Am I Wrong" Video on The Tonight Show

Racist Man Slaps & Spits at 79-year-old Elderly Black woman, Arnette Hubbard.....Called Her Rosa Parks, He Didn’t Realize That She Was A Cook County Judge!!!!!

 A North Side business owner slapped a 79-year-old Cook County judge in the face, spit on her and called her “Rosa Parks” after becoming angry that she was smoking near him outside the Daley Center, authorities said.
Racist Man Slaps & Spits at Elderly Black woman, Called Her Rosa Parks, He Didn't Realize That She Was A Cook County Judge!!!!!
Racist, David Nicosia (left) and
Judge Hubbard (Right)
Monday’s attack outside the courthouse came as a shock to friends of Judge Arnette Hubbard, a silver-haired African-American jurist who was the first female president of the National Bar Association and Cook County Bar Association, both black lawyers’ groups.
“She’s an icon in our community,” said Delores Robinson, past president of the Cook County Bar Association, who noted that Hubbard, a former commissioner on the Cook County Board of Elections, had been an international election observer in Haiti and South Africa and had long been a voice on civil rights and women’s issues.Cook County prosecutors said Tuesday that Hubbard was outside the Daley Center smoking a cigarette when she walked past David C. Nicosia, 55, who became angry that she was smoking near him.
The two argued and Nicosia, who is white, stepped near her face and said, “Rosa Parks, move,” and spit in her face, prosecutors said. As he walked away, the Law Division judge followed him and called out for assistance.
Nicosia then turned and allegedly slapped the judge on the left side of her face with an open hand, prosecutors said. He was then arrested by sheriff’s deputies and charged with four counts of aggravated battery and a hate crime.
Judge James Brown ordered him held on $90,000 bail Tuesday.
Chief Judge Timothy Evans, whose offices are also in the Daley Center, declined to comment. A representative said judicial rules of conduct barred Evans from speaking about a pending criminal case.
Born in Arkansas, Hubbard graduated from Southern Illinois University and John Marshall Law School and began her legal career in 1969 working on civil rights cases, according to online biographies. As part of the city’s African-American power structure, she spent several terms on the city’s election board as well as the cable commission.
Hubbard was appointed to the bench in 1997, re-elected to a six-year term the following year and retained since in two more elections, most recently in 2010.
Nicosia, who state records show is president of an IT consulting business, has no prior Cook County convictions. His attorney did not return a message seeking comment.
Friends of Hubbard were left shaking their heads Tuesday.
“People of good common sense and decency, people of good hearts should be outraged by this,” Robinson said. “Not just because of who she is but that this happened to anybody.”
“I’m still in shock,” said longtime friend Geraldine Simmons, 75, also a past president of the Cook County Bar Association, who questioned whether deputies acted quickly enough

Source:  Chicago Tribune

Two Republican Judges Gut Obamacare, Threatening Health Care For Millions....5 Million Could Lose Insurance Support... Affects More Than Half Of Country... 'Punishing Millions Because Of A Typo'... White House To Seek Revote... UPDATE: Separate Court UPHOLDS Obamacare On Same Challenge...

WASHINGTON -- Two Republican judges on the D.C. Circuit Court have ruled that the equivalent of a typo is enough to strip health care subsidies from up to five million people, dealing what would be a death blow to the Affordable Care Act if the decision is allowed to stand. The one Democrat on the panel dissented.
The three-judge panel ruled in Halbig v. Burwell that people in the 36 states that use the federal health insurance exchange are ineligible for subsidized insurance. The decision would also affect those who purchased insurance through the exchange but don't receive subsidies, as reneging on the payments would lead to a rapid increase in insurance rates for everyone.
The White House said Tuesday the decision will be appealed to the entire D.C. circuit court -- what's known as an en banc review -- where Democrats hold a majority that is nearly certain to overturn the GOP judges' aggressive move. The next step could be the Supreme Court, which already upheld the Affordable Care Act in a separate case two years ago.
The U.S. courts have never been entirely above the political system, but under Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts, whose court routinely strikes down longstanding precedent along 5-4, strictly party-line votes, they are becoming little more than another legislative branch -- one that holds itself above the branch that was vested with lawmaking powers by the Constitution.
The majority opinion was not without a comedic interlude. "We reach this conclusion, frankly, with reluctance," Judge Thomas Griffith said of the opportunity to achieve a longtime GOP goal.
The two judges seized on text within the law that said subsidies would be provided to people who purchased insurance on exchanges established by the states. But 36 states declined to set up their own exchanges, and chose to rely on the federal government's exchange instead. Because the law doesn't specifically say that people who bought insurance on the federal exchange also get subsidies, the law's opponents argued that therefore such subsidies are illegal. more