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Today in History for October 2nd....Mohandes Gandhi born; President Woodrow Wilson suffers stroke; Thurgood Marshall sworn in as US Supreme Court justice; Rock Hudson dies

Highlights of this day in history: Mohandes Gandhi born; President Woodrow Wilson suffers stroke; Thurgood Marshall sworn in as US Supreme Court justice; Rock Hudson dies; Peanuts comic strip debut. (Oct. 2)

Highlights of the day in history - a retrospective view on political events, historic battles, and life changing decisions. More:http://smarturl.it/TodayInHistory

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Ebola Panic in JAMAICA: Local Doctors Say They Are Not Equipped To Handle Deadly Virus....If the Ebola virus should reach Jamaica, doctors at the nation's hospitals, particularly the University Hospital of the West Indies (UHWI), do not have the safety gear needed to treat affected persons

Corey Robinson, Staff Reporter Published: Thursday | October 2, 2014
If the Ebola virus should reach Jamaica, doctors at the nation's hospitals, particularly the University Hospital of the West Indies (UHWI), do not have the safety gear needed to treat affected persons, and some say they will not expose themselves or their charges by treating Ebola patients.
Nine-year-old Nowa Paye is taken to an ambulance after showing signs of the Ebola infection in the village of Freeman Reserve, Liberia, on Tuesday. Aid donations are still inadequate, as the international community tries to increase the ability to care for the spiraling number of people infected with the disease which has hit Liberia the hardest. AP Photo
Nine-year-old Nowa Paye is taken to an ambulance
after showing signs of the Ebola infection in the
 village of Freeman Reserve, Liberia, on Tuesday.
Aid donations are still inadequate, as the international
 community tries to increase the ability to care
 for the spiraling number of people infected with
 the disease which has hit Liberia the hardest.
AP Photo
A workshop put on yesterday, in light of the outbreak in Africa, erupted in concerns after it was disclosed that health officials in Jamaica do not have the requisite hazard-management gear, or even the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) approved personal protection equipment (PPE) to deal with the Ebola virus. Only standard PPE gear, consisting of a regular fabric medical gown, goggles, and N95 or N100 oxygen masks are available, and these are useless against the disease, the forum of medical doctors, firefighters and other emergency-response workers were told. The N95 can only last for four hours, according to doctors, while the N100 for 24 hours.
"If the Government doesn't supply us with these things, who is going out towork?" asked one doctor from the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) at the UHWI, sparking murmurs among the gathering.
The doctor hinted at the possibility of an outbreak, suggesting that there are students from countries affected by the virus currently at the University of the West Indies, and frowned on the Government's lacklustre approach in preparing for the disease, which has presented itself in the United States. more

IN JAMAICA: Death on hospital floor....Mother, sister of Jason Forbes blame hospital for man’s death..... “Mi belly ah hurt mi, unnu help mi nuh, unnu a guh mek mi dead,”

 BY ANIKA RICHARDS Observer staff reporter richardsai@jamaicaobserver.com  Thursday, October 02, 2014    
JASON Forbes seemingly foresaw his death while lying on the floor of the Spanish Town Hospital Tuesday night, complaining about a pain in his stomach and pleading for assistance from health care workers.
When his name was eventually called on Wednesday morning and a security guard lifted him from the floor onto a wheelchair, he was dead.
Jason Forbes died at Spanish Town Hospital
“Mi belly ah hurt mi, unnu help mi nuh, unnu a guh mek mi dead,” Forbes, the father of a 13-year-old daughter, pleaded on Tuesday night, according to his sister Carmen Gunn.
His 76-year-old mother, who spent the night at the Spanish Town Hospital with Forbes waiting for him to be attended to, also tried to get some assistance for him, but was repeatedly told to sit down.
Gunn told the Jamaica Observer yesterday that, after getting to the hospital, some time after 7:00 pm, her mother was told to get Forbes registered, which she did. Gunn said that after her mother registered Forbes they sent her back out with him.
But he kept on crying, and her mother, who had suffered a stroke, said: “‘Listen, I have a stroke and my son is out there dying with his stomach, somebody need to tend to him’,” Gunn said.
“The lady who was at the desk said to her, ‘Mother, go and sit down; many persons are here’.
“So my mother turn to her and said, ‘Listen, many out here, but none dying. My son is dying’,” the obviously distraught sister told the Observer.
On Tuesday he complained about feeling a pain in his stomach and was taken to the hospital that evening. Gunn said that her mother was there with her brother, who was lying on a towel on the hospital’s floor because there was no bed or chair available, until about 9:10 yesterday morning when his name was called. more

TRELAWNY, JAMAICA: Missing 13 y-o Trelawny student, Aliesha Brown found dead.... whose face appeared to be bashed in, was found partially covered by a car bumper....Aliesha's distraught, weeping mother, Stacy Douglas, could not contain her grief and had to be consoled by relatives. "Mek me go look! Me want see me pickney!" she wailed.

BY HORACE HINES Observer staff reporter hinesh@jamaicaobserver.com  Thursday, October 02, 2014   
Blood-curdling screams reverberated throughout an isolated section of this community after a member of a search party discovered the body of a 13-year-old girl who went missing after leaving home for school on Monday morning.
Mourners and Aliesha Brown, affectionately
called 'Miss Chin'
The body of Aliesha Brown, affectionately called 'Miss Chin', was found clad in her maroon and white Muschett High School uniform, covered with a black motorcar bumper in bushes near the ruins of the Stewart Castle Great House.
The grade eight student, left her home in Refuge district in the parish, early Monday morning to be on time for the morning shift at her school in Wakefield about 14 miles away.
But she did not arrive. When the teen did not return home at the usual time, her mother became worried and made contact with the school but was told her daughter had been absent from classes for the day.
A large search party, consisting of relatives and members of the community, unsuccessfully scoured the bushy areas of the community late into Monday night.
Their fears intensified after the search throughout the entire Tuesday also ended in futility.
But, yesterday their worst fears were realised after they launched out of their community and headed for Stewart Castle, which is separated by the Duncans to Falmouth main road.
A member of the search party Anthony Loney said early yesterday afternoon after searching through the remains of an old great house, some of the searchers decided to rest, but he ventured further along the isolated road and was alerted by the buzzing of flies.
Upon closer inspection the body of the teenaged student, whose face appeared to be bashed in, was found partially covered by a car bumper.
"Ah from morning we a search, everybody come together and say them ago come a Stewart Castle to search. Five of us came here and searched the big house and we never find her so them say them a go rest and me say alright me a go walk and by the time me walk go over there I saw the black container and when I peeped over I saw a lot of flies so I had to run," Loney told the Jamaica Observer.
Shortly after, several mourning onlookers gathered along the dirt road in the rustic Stewart Castle community, near where the body was found. more

Michael Dunn Found Guilty Of First-Degree Murder In Killing Of Jordan Davis.... loud-music trial

Jacksonville, Florida (CNN) --
Jurors found Michael Dunn guilty of first-degree murder Wednesday in the 2012 shooting death 17-year-old Jordan Davis.
Watch this videoDunn's parents were in the courtroom for the verdict. Davis' parents, Ron Davis and Lucia MacBath, both let out a quiet gasp upon hearing the jury forewoman's words and then hung their heads and cried. Dunn did not appear to have an immediate reaction, but later, he turned around and somberly shook his head toward his father.
Duval County Judge Russell Healey set a tentative sentencing hearing for October 17 but said he would wait until Tuesday to ensure the date worked for Dunn's defense attorneys.
"This has been going on for two years, and everyone has acted graciously. I ask that you continue to do that," Healey said before the verdict was read. "Remember, we must respect the verdict of the jury. They did not volunteer to do this." more

THE RACE TO TRACE : Texas Ebola Patient Was In Contact With Children... At Least 12 To 18 People... Identified As Liberian Native... Vomited On Way To Hospital... REPORT: Hospital Made Huge Error In Diagnosis...

DALLAS , Texas (AP) — 
The first Ebola patient diagnosed in the United States told health care workers on his initial hospital visit that he had recently been in an area affected by the deadly disease, but that information was not widely shared, a hospital official said Wednesday.
Thomas Eric Duncan went to a Dallas emergency room Friday and explained that he was visiting the U.S. from Liberia. He was sent home with antibiotics, according to his sister, Mai Wureh.
A man walks up the stairway leading to the Texas Health
 Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas, Tuesday, Sept. 30, 2014.
He returned two days later, after his condition worsened, and was admitted to Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital. Dr. Mark Lester, who works for the hospital's parent company, said a nurse had asked Duncan whether he had been in any part of West Africa, where Ebola has killed thousands. But that "information was not fully communicated throughout the whole team."
A day after the man's diagnosis was confirmed, a nine-member team of federal health officials was tracking anyone who had close contact with him.
The team from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention was in Dallas to work with local and state health agencies to ensure that those people are watched every day for 21 days.
"If anyone develops fever, we'll immediately isolate them to stop the chain of transmission," Dr. Tom Frieden, the CDC director, said in an interview.
Duncan has been kept in isolation at the hospital since Sunday. He was listed in serious but stable condition.
Ebola is believed to have sickened more than 6,500 people in West Africa, and more than 3,000 deaths have been linked to the disease, according to the World Health Organization.
Officials are monitoring 12 to 18 people who may have been exposed to the man, including three members of the ambulance crew that transported him to the hospital and five schoolchildren.
Some of the people are members of his family, but not all, Dallas city spokeswoman Sana Syed said. more

EBOLA VIRUS INFECTION - What you should know! High fever, Headache, Joint and muscle aches, Sore throat, Weakness, Stomach pain, Lack of appetite

Wednesday, October 01, 2014 | 2:11 AM    
OBSERVER ONLINE today begins its national campaign of informing our readers on the deadly Ebola Virus and the Chikungunya virus. The aim of the Jamaica Observer through these articles and graphics is to inform, and hopefully to have Jamaicans become more aware of Ebola and Chikungunya so that the necessary steps can be taken to deal with these ailments. We begin the series with a look at Ebola. Please take the time to read and to view the graphics posted with today's article. With every good wish - Editor
Ebola is a rare but deadly virus that causes bleeding inside and outside the body.
As the virus spreads through the body, it damages the immune system and organs. Ultimately, it causes levels of blood-clotting cells to drop. This leads to severe, uncontrollable bleeding.
Ebola isn’t as contagious as more common viruses like colds, influenza, or measles. It spreads to people by contact with the skin or bodily fluids of an infected animal, like a monkey, chimp, or fruit bat. Then it moves from person to person the same way. Those who care for a sick person or bury someone who has died from the disease often get it.
Other ways to get Ebola include touching contaminated needles or surfaces. 
You can’t get Ebola from air, water, or food. A person who has Ebola but has no symptoms can’t spread the disease, either.
What Are the Symptoms of Ebola?
Early on, Ebola can feel like the flu or other illnesses. Symptoms show up 2 to 21 days after infection and usually include:
High fever
Joint and muscle aches
Sore throat
Stomach pain
Lack of appetite
As the disease gets worse, it causes bleeding inside the body, as well as from the eyes, ears, and nose.  Some people will vomit or cough up blood, have bloody diarrhea, and get a rash.
How Is Ebola Diagnosed?
Sometimes it's hard to tell if a person has Ebola from the symptoms alone. Doctors may test to rule out other diseases like cholera or malaria.<
Tests of blood and tissues also can diagnose Ebola.
If you have Ebola, you’ll be isolated from the public immediately to prevent the spread.       more

IN JAMAICA: Cabinet Approves Changes To Ganja Law.... Justice Minister Mark Golding announced that among the amendments to the act that Cabinet has approved are provisions for permits to cultivate, possess, import, export, transport, manufacture, sell, and distribute ganja for medical and scientific purposes under licence.

Published: Wednesday | October 1, 2014
Accepting that aspects of the Dangerous Drugs Act prohibit Jamaica from enjoying the economic benefits of medical marijuana and industrial hemp, the Government has made a number of changes to the act.
Ganja plant
Speaking yesterday at a press briefing at Jamaica House, Justice Minister Mark Golding announced that among the amendments to the act that Cabinet has approved are provisions for permits to cultivate, possess, import, export, transport, manufacture, sell, and distribute ganja for medical and scientific purposes under licence.
"While the Dangerous Drugs Act and its regulations and the Food and Drug Regulations, 1975, provide a regime for the use of extracts, tinctures, or preparations made from cannabis, the prohibitions of the Dangerous Drugs Act make any dealing with the ganja plant itself illegal, without exception, and, therefore, do not allow locally grown cannabis plants to be used to produce extracts, tinctures, or preparations for medical, scientific, or any other purpose," he said.
Justice minister Mark Golding
Justice minister Mark Golding
Stating that the terms of the proposed licence are to be determined, Golding said, "We need to now flesh out the specifics of the licence and framework to go hand-in-hand once the amendments have been approved and implemented."
A licensing authority is to be established to govern the licensing processes for participation in the medicinal ganja industry. more

Mother of Jamaican killed, 25 y-o Tremaine Thomas in Trinidad wants answers....Bridgette Johnson wants to go get her son’s body from Trinidad

BY DONNA HUSSEY-WHYTE Observer staff reporter husseyd@jamaicaobserver.com  Tuesday, September 30, 2014  
THE mother of Jamaican actor Tremaine Thomas, who was shot dead in a volatile community in Port of Spain, Trinidad, last Thursday night, is demanding the truth about his killing.
Front cover of today's paper“I know my child, he was no gunman,” Bridgette Johnson told the Jamaica Observer yesterday. “He had a clean police record in Jamaica. And it is upon that premise that I am seeking justice. In my heart I know my child is not a criminal; he was not a gunman.”
Trinidad media reported that five men were in the Laventille area when occupants of a black vehicle fired gunshots on the group, hitting all of them.
One of the dead men, Dillon Skeete, was reported to be a gang leader.
“The newspaper in Trinidad is saying that it was gunmen who murdered my child, but yet eyewitness is saying that it is police; so I don’t know,” Johnson told the Observer. “I am not going to sit here and speculate, but I am in search of justice because I don’t know, and I have to make that clear.”
Twenty-five-year-old Thomas was in Trinidad to shoot a movie.
His mother said that up to yesterday she had not been contacted by the authorities in Trinidad and Tobago and had to be relying on the media to know what was happening.
“But even if they don’t contact me directly, they can contact the Jamaican Government so I can know what is happening. I want to know how I can get my child’s body. I need answers as to what happened,” the mother pleaded. more