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HEALTHY LIVING : Utah Zika Case Shows Physical Contact Can Spread The Virus But it’s VERY unusual.

09/29/2016 05:43 pm ET 
Back in July, a 38-year-old Utah man was diagnosed with the Zika virus, even though he hadn’t traveled to a Zika-affected region or had sexual contact with someone who did. 
Experts were puzzled.
They knew that Zika virus was transmitted in only one of four ways: from the bite of an infected mosquito, from sexual contact with an infected person, from contact with infected blood, or from pregnant mother to fetus in the womb. They also knew that Salt Lake City, Utah is not a hospitable environment for the Aedes Aegyptimosquito, which transmits the virus easily.  
The man’s only contact with someone who had Zika was a hospital visit to see a 73-year-old friend with the virus ― a visit that occurred seven to 10 days before the younger man’s symptoms began. Without wearing gloves, he had helped a nurse re-position his friend and had wiped the man’s eyes. That was it: There was no other contact with blood or other bodily fluids. 
So did he really get the virus from touching a patient? The answer appears to be yes, but there are a lot of caveats. 

Tears or sweat might transmit the virus, but researchers can’t be sure

In a report published in the New England Journal of Medicine, Dr. Sankar Swaminathan of the University of Utah School of Medicine concludes that the younger man likely contracted Zika virus from his older friend, who shortly died. However, Swaminathan and his fellow authors aren’t sure how the transmission occurred. One possibility is that it happened because the man wasn’t wearing gloves and came into contact with his friend’s sweat or tears. 
Swaminathan, who treated both men in Utah, emphasized that his report does not definitively implicate contact with sweat or tears as a way to contract the Zika virus. more
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BOMBSHELL STORY : New article to look at Trump ties to Cuba during embargo...Maybe illegal activity

Jamaica Has Eyes On Tropical Storm Matthew....The storm was moving towards the west near 33 km/h, with maximum sustained winds near 95 km/h, with higher gusts, and was expected to strengthen.

Excerpt form Jamaica Observer Sept 29, 2016 
JAMAICA’S National Meteorological Service last night issued a severe weather alert as it closely monitored Tropical Storm Matthew, which formed yesterday morning near the Eastern Caribbean.
Matthew, which passed through the Windwards Islands yesterday afternoon, knocking out power supply and causing flooding, is forecast to move over the southern and central Caribbean Sea by Friday when it could become a hurricane.
“Thereafter, it could move closer to Jamaica and pose a direct threat to the island,” the national met centre said.
The storm was moving towards the west near 33 km/h, with maximum sustained winds near 95 km/h, with higher gusts, and was expected to strengthen. Fishers on Jamaica’s cays and banks were advised to commence preparations with a view to evacuate, should it become necessary.
The Office of Disaster Preparedness & Emergency Management (ODPEM) said it has alerted all agencies and parish disaster committees, while emergency managers, responders and volunteers have been placed on standby.
“The public is asked to continue monitoring the radio for further information pertaining to Tropical Storm Matthew. As we are in the peak of the hurricane season, the ODPEM is advising the public to take precautions in the event the island is impacted by the hurricane.
Jamaicans were asked to:
• Check that the galvanised or zinc sheeting on the roof of houses is properly fastened; check hurricane shutters, hooks, latches and repair where necessary.
• Keep in stock extra plastic bags and sheets of plastic to prevent important documents, paintings, equipment and furniture from getting wet.
• Trim trees that touch power lines or hang over the house and other buildings.
• Make sure that emergency cooking facilities such as coal stoves are in good working condition.
• Store extra food, especially things that can be eaten without cooking or which need very little preparation.
• Have emergency supplies, including water boots, raincoats, flashlights, batteries, portable radio, kerosene lamps, matches, and the necessary medical supplies.

NO SEX EQUALS YOUNG LOOK: Hindu Monk, 120, Swami Sivananda, Credits Longevity To No Spices — and No Sex Plus he barely has a wrinkle on his face! He said his long life is due to “yoga, discipline, and celibacy.”

09/28/2016 11:31 am ET Ann Brenoff Huffpost
A Hindu monk who claims to be 120 ― which would make him the oldest man to have ever lived ― credits his longevity to no sex or spices and to performing yoga daily for hours. 
Swami Sivananda, who barely has a wrinkle on his face, was born on August 8, 1896, according to his passport. He is now applying to Guinness World Records to verify his claim, reports AFP. Guinness currently lists Japan’s Jiroemon Kimura, who died in June 2013 at the age of 116 years and 54 days, as the oldest man to have ever lived. Sivananda was born into extreme poverty and orphaned before he was 6-years-old. His relatives gave him away to a spiritual guru and he chose to become a monk. He told AFP: “I lead a simple and disciplined life. I eat very simply ― only boiled food without oil or spices, rice and boiled daal (lentil stew) with a couple of green chillies.” He sleeps on a floor mat and uses a wooden slab as a pillow, AFP reported. He said his long life is due to “yoga, discipline, and celibacy.”
Just in case you need more proof, Sivananda is not the first centenarian to credit their longevity to abstaining from sex. A few months before she died, a Scottish woman said she had avoided men her whole life ― all 109 years of it

IT HAPPENED AGAIN: Police Fatally Shoot Black Man In San Diego Suburb, Sparking Protests The man later died after being taken to the hospital.

 09/28/2016 04:48 am ET
(Reuters) - An unarmed black man has died after being shot by a police officer in El Cajon in southern California on Tuesday, the local police department said, appealing for calm as local media reported crowds had gathered at the scene of the shooting.
The death comes less than two weeks after black men in Charlotte, North Carolina and in Tulsa, Oklahoma, were shot dead by police, sparking protests. In Charlotte, rioting prompted the authorities to impose a state of emergency.
Similar deaths have added to a torrent of accusations over racial bias in U.S. law enforcement and calls for greater police accountability for the killings of black people.
The El Cajon Police Department said two officers had responded to a call regarding a man walking in traffic. He refused their instructions to remove his hand from his pocket and then pulled out an object from his pants and pointed it at them, the department said in a statement. The officers then simultaneously shot and Tasered the man who died after being taken to the hospital, the department said. During a news conference hours after the shooting, El Cajon Police Department Jeff Davis said no weapon was found on the scene. He did not say what exactly the man pointed at the unidentified officers.
The incident prompted crowds of people to gather throughout Tuesday night at the scene and at the El Cajon Police Department, where they demanded information about the shooting, according to local media.
Video emerged on social media purportedly showing the moments after the incident at the scene. In the video, a woman, who claimed to be the man’s sister, is heard saying that she called police. “Oh my God. You killed my brother. I just called for help and ... you killed him,” the unidentified woman said as she sobbed. more

AFRICA CHARITY : Reggae stars Pam Hall for library charity in Kenya

Wednesday, September 28, 2016 Excerpted from Jamaica Observer
Eric Donaldson, Pam Hall, Half Pint and Leroy Sibbles are currently in Nairobi, Kenya for a charity show, funds from which will be used to build libraries in the East African country.
Pam Hall
According to the Kenya Star, the quartet are scheduled to perform on the Rise Up Festival Saturday at Carnivore Grounds in Nairobi.
The two libraries will be built in the cities of Kibera and Bondo.
The Kenyan Star reported that Donaldson, Hall, Sibbles and Half Pint were recruited by the Having Purpose organisation to perform on the inaugural event. Kenya is one of the vibrant markets for Jamaican artistes in Africa. A number of dancehall/reggae acts have appeared there including Busy Signal, Konshens and most recently Jah9.
Donaldson, best known for ‘Festival’ winners Cherry oh Baby and Land Of My Birth, has had a following throughout Africa for over 40 years.