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GREEN ISLAND - HANOVER, JAMAICA: 6 Dead in House Fire in Hanover. It is alleged that the house was shot up and set a blaze....DEVELOPING STORY

File Photo- This is Not The Actual Event

Published October 9, 2015
Six persons were killed in a house fire in Logwood-Green Island, Hanover.  The identity of the victims are not yet known as investigation continues. The fire took place about 11 pm on Thursday in a nine-apartment building house.

Four persons were found outside with burns and later on fire department was told that six others were in the building. Three males and three females are the victims, ranging age up to 73 years old.The lottery scam is suspected of reasons for this crime taking place.

Superintendent Wilford Campbell told Nationwide 90 FM News, it is alleged that the house was shot up and set ablaze by perpetrators. The firemen initially could not come within 50 yards of the fire due to the intense heat....Four persons were taken to the hospital suffering from burns. This info in not confirmed at this moment....DEVELOPING STORY.

IN JAMAICA (ONCE WAS BLIND - INSPIRING & TOUCHING) : Breast cancer survivor regains sight, tells awe-inspiring story....A 32-year-old woman, Latoya Jones who regained her sight after six months of total blindness due to a cancerous tumour in her brain.... 'Mommy, you can see me?' And when I said 'yes', and proved that I could see him, he threw himself on the floor and cried," she said.

BY KIMBERLEY HIBBERT Observer staff reporter  Friday, October 09, 2015    
A 32-year-old woman who regained her sight after six months of total blindness due to a cancerous tumour in her brain, on Tuesday stunned guests at the launch of Breast Cancer Awareness Month with her story of triumph despite a slew of health problems.
Latoya Jones tells her story Tuesday during the launch of Breast
Cancer Awareness Month at the Jamaica Cancer Society in
Latoya Jones thought she had been dealt a bad hand when she was diagnosed with breast cancer at age 19.
"I was born with a huge navel and I would suck my finger and feel up my breasts, and I knew there was a lump there," she told the launch at the Jamaica Cancer Society on Lady Musgrave Road in St Andrew.
"My foster parents knew it was there, and one night the nipple of the breast got swollen and was extremely red and painful. I remember telling my neighbour and she said 'No, Latoya, go to the doctor, as it could be cancer'," Jones said.
Struck by the neighbour's comment, Jones said she recalled saying to her: "Cancer, wah? Yuh mad, gyal?"
Nonetheless, she decided to visit a doctor, and after a biopsy and mammogram were done it was confirmed that she indeed had breast cancer.
The news hit her hard, and Jones cried, as she thought the world had come to a stop because, for her, young people did not get cancer.
"I thought it was an old person's thing. I remember being angry, and I thought, 'Why God so wicked? No mother, no father, and now cancer," she said, while explaining that she did not know her biological parents at the time.
Her situation worsened when Jones experienced metastasis as the cancer quickly spread to her lungs, causing one to be removed.
And just when she thought things couldn't get any worse, the cancer spread to her brain and caused her to lose her sight.
"I lost my sight two years ago," she said, explaining that the tumour in her brain had caused compression within the optic nerve.
"When I lost my sight I was in church. The doctor had told me that my eyes were going, and I remember seeing things go blurry. Then I went totally blind and I said to my husband that I was blind and in total darkness," she said as the guests at the launch listened wide-eyed and O-mouthed. more

IN JAMAICA: Nobel Prize in Medicine an encouragement for local scientists like Dr. Henry Lowe

Friday, October 09, 2015    
The Nobel Prize in Medicine was this year shared by three scientists who used modern laboratory techniques to develop anti-parasitic drugs that were hidden in herbs and soil for many years.
On Monday, the Nobel Assembly announced that the prestigious prize was awarded to Irish-born Dr William Campbell, and Japanese Dr Satoshi Omura, who shared a half of the prize. The other recipient was Chinese Dr Youyou Tu.
Dr. Henry Lowe
Doctors Campbell and Omura developed Avermectin, from which they derived Ivermectin — a medicine that is very effective against river blindness and filariasis, which can cause swelling of the lymph system in the legs and lower body known as elephantiasis.
Dr Tu, a pharmacologist and chief professor at China Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine, was inspired by Chinese traditional medicine in isolating Artemisinin, a drug that is now part of standard anti-malarial regimens.
"These two discoveries have provided humankind with powerful new means to combat these debilitating diseases that affect hundreds of millions of people annually. The consequences in terms of improved human health and reduced suffering are immeasurable," said the Nobel Assembly.
Diseases, doctors will tell you, are caused by a variety of parasites, one group being parasitic worms which are estimated to afflict one-third of the world's population, and are particularly prevalent in Central and South America, South Asia, and sub-Saharan Africa.
River blindness and lymphatic filariasis are two diseases caused by parasitic worms. River blindness, or Onchocerciasis, ultimately leads to blindness due to chronic inflammation in the cornea. Lymphatic filariasis, which afflicts more than 100 million people, causes chronic swelling and leads to life-long stigmatising and disabling clinical symptoms, including elephantiasis or lymphedema, and scrotal hydrocele. more

WAILERS COLLECTOR'S EDITION OUT: REGGAE king Bob Marley's year-long 70th birthday celebration continues with the release of two box sets

Thursday, October 08, 2015    
REGGAE king Bob Marley's year-long 70th birthday celebration continues with the release of two box sets, The Complete Island Recordings and The Complete Island Recordings: Collector's Edition.
Bob Marley
Each set features 11 vinyl albums spanning a decade of Bob Marley & The Wailers releases on Island Records and includes all nine studio albums recorded for Island Records.
"Vinyl is enjoying a global resurgence. The Marley catalogue has always been available on vinyl, but the collector's box set is something new. Just as with Songs of Freedom back in the '90s, we offer a limited edition version of the vinyl box set. It is exciting to report that the limited edition version has already sold out at the pre-order stage! Once we deliver those to customers, it will no longer be available in that special collectors box," Myshijua Archibald, Tuff Gong's label manager, told the Jamaica Observer yesterday.
Catch A Fire, their 1973 label debut, and Rastaman Vibration, their 1976 breakthrough album in the United States, along with two live albums, Live! and Babylon By Bus, are included.
Burnin', Natty Dread, Exodus, Kaya, Survival, Uprising and Confrontation complete the roster.
"Other projects to come for the rest of the year in commemoration of the birth of Marley are the physical release of the Sly & Robbie album on December 4, along with a remastered version of the classic Tuff Gong album Rub A Dub Christmas that same month.
Marley died in May, 1982 of cancer. He was 36.

BRUTAL KILLINGS in MANCHESTER, JA : Discomfort in Manchester community following sisters’ murders... 31-one-year-old Tashi Foster and her younger sibling, Deon, 29..."The woman a beg the man seh, 'Please, mi have mi pickney dem fi live for... you really a guh kill mi in front of mi pickney dem' and the man still dweet," the relative shared.

Thursday, October 08, 2015 -- Alicia Sutherland   
COMFORT, Manchester — The gruesome murder of two sisters in Comfort District in this central parish have left relatives of the deceased and the whole community uneasy.
(L) Deon Foster, 29 (R) Tashi Foster, 31
The bodies of 31-one-year-old Tashi Foster and her younger sibling, Deon, 29, were found at their house minutes after 1:00 pm Tuesday by the police who were alerted after residents heard explosions in the area.
Tashi reportedly mothered two children who had been living overseas, while Deon died leaving four children -- three boys ages 13, eight, five, and a three-year-old daughter -- who were at the house when the shooting occurred. There were reportedly other adults at the house during the incident, but they were not harmed.
Yesterday, the Jamaica Observer was told that the deaths have been particularly difficult for the 13-year-old boy, who was hospitalised right after the incident.
"(It) serious because him a seh him a go kill himself and dem haffi tie him down on a bed," a female relative told the Observer yesterday as she and others made plans to visit him in hospital.
Meanwhile, the mother of the dead women said that she was outside of the parish when she was informed of her daughters' deaths. She said that Tashi, who lived in Mandeville, was only visiting her sister in the community when they were killed.
Meanwhile, residents theorised that robbery could be behind the killings, based on the fact that the women's cellphones were stolen.
The Observer was told that when the alleged perpetuator entered the premises, he asked one of the sisters her name then sought clarity from an unknown person with whom he was having a conversation on his phone. The alleged gunman then took the sisters to a room where they were killed.
the house
A family member said Deon begged for her life, but her pleas were ignored.
"The woman a beg the man seh, 'Please, mi have mi pickney dem fi live for... you really a guh kill mi in front of mi pickney dem' and the man still dweet," the relative shared.
The alleged perpetrator reportedly left the crime scene on foot after, but was picked up by a vehicle some distance away. more

ENTERTAINMENT: Making of a reggae diva Sly Dunbar recalls working with Spanish Town-born Grace Jones....The initial songs Sly and Robbie worked on with Jones were "Warm Leatherette" and "Private Life "

BY HOWARD CAMPBELL Observer senior writer  Thursday, October 08, 2015    
IN her just-released autobiography, I'll Never Write My Memoir, singer/actress Grace Jones remembers recording some of her biggest hit songs at Compass Point, the Nassau, Bahamas complex owned by Island Records founder Chris Blackwell.
Robbie and Sly
Drummer Sly Dunbar and bass player Robbie Shakespeare, members of the Compass Point All Stars Band, played critical roles in those 1980 sessions.
Dunbar, 63, said they were approached by Blackwell to chart a new direction for Spanish Town-born Jones, a flamboyant figure who had three albums for Island Records to her name.
They took up his offer, headed to the Bahamas capital where they met her. Before leaving Kingston, Sly and Robbie had completed recording sessions at the Channel One studio with Black Uhuru, a hardcore roots-reggae group from the Waterhouse community.
They took a tape of those songs to Nassau.
"What wi do first was listen some demo of her stuff, then play the drum an' bass to find the right groove," Dunbar recalled.
Later, they played the Uhuru tapes for Blackwell, Compass Point engineer/producer Alex Sadkin, and Don Taylor, Bob Marley's former manager.
"Chris sey, 'what is this?!' Wi tell him sey is a group wi working wid," said Dunbar. "Right away Alex sey is dat soun' Grace should have an' wi start work."
The initial songs Sly and Robbie worked on with Jones were Warm Leatherette and Private Life. They also cut Pull Up to The Bumper and My Jamaican Guy.
Grace Jones
Warm Leatherette and Private Life were included on what became the Warm Leatherette album released by Island in 1980. Pull Up to The Bumper and My Jamaican Guy were used on later albums by Jones.
"Wi couldn't believe how the tune dem soun'. Everything jus' click," Dunbar gushed. He added that while Jones had a reputation for being outrageous, she was easy to work with.
"She was cool, I guess she was comfortable 'cause she was aroun' Jamaicans," he said.
Dunbar and Shakespeare were accompanied to Nassau by seasoned Jamaican studio musicians -- guitarist Mikey Chung and percussionist Uziah 'Sticky' Thompson. French keyboardist Wally Badarou and British guitarist Barry Reynolds also played on the Warm Leatherette sessions. more