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DEPORTEES STRANDED! No family, friends to meet some kicked out of the UK....32 Jamaicans, including six women, were sent back on a chartered flight.

BY KIMONE FRANCIS Observer staff reporter  Thursday, March 09, 2017  

A large crowd gathered yesterday outside Harmon Barracks at Mobile Reserve, family members among them, awaiting the release of just over 30 Jamaicans who were deported from the United Kingdom.
A woman attempts to block Television Jamaica’s Krista
 Campbell from interviewing her relative who was yesterday
deported from the United Kingdom.
Assistant Commissioner of Police in charge of Area 4, Devon Watkis, told journalists at a press briefing on the compound that 32 Jamaicans, including six women, were sent back on a chartered flight. He said a woman, who was identified by the UK press only as ‘Sophia’, who had been separated from her three children since October, was not among those deported because of “litigating” issues.

Laffihama Morgan is interviewed by
 journalists while feeding his
son Raheem. Morgan 
The deportees arrived in the island shortly before 1:00 pm at the Norman Manley International Airport in Kingston where they were met by a team from the Jamaica Constabulary Force, the Passport, Immigration and Citizenship Agency, a team from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and a group from non-governmental organisations, before being transported to Harmon Barracks.
Yesterday, some family members waited with bated breath to see relatives, some of whom left the island as children, while others, who had no ties to the island, were met by hustlers waiting to provide phone calls and accommodation. Sherene Dean-Collins, her son Laffihama Morgan and his infant son Raheem were among those waiting outside the facility where the deportees were being processed. The woman and her son were awaiting the release of her younger son, François Somers.
A woman assists a deportee as she leaves
 Mobile Reserve in Kingston yesterday
 after being processed.
(Photos: Michael Gordon) 
A deportee from the
 United Kingdom makes his
 way to relatives outside the

 gates of Harmon
 Barracks after he was

 processed yesterday..
Dean-Collins told the Jamaica Observer that her son was being deported because of immigration issues. Those issues, the Observer learnt, involved domestic violence. Somers, 22, left Jamaica when he was eight years old.
“Mi nuh really feel nuh way about it. A fi dem country and a fi dem rights. Mi nuh really know how the immigration system stay so we have to just work with what dem do. Him never get a criminal case yet enuh but dem just a deport him,” Morgan said, adding that his main concern is that his brother does not know Jamaica.
Others who had no family members or friends to meet them were perplexed about their next move. Some were assisted by a woman who gave her name as ‘Tasha’. She told journalists that she has been assisting deportees for the past five years. more

GOP Rushes Forward With Its Health Care Bill They don’t know what it will actually do, but that’s not stopping them.

By Jonathan Cohn , Jeffrey Young Huffingtonpost

House Republicans on Wednesday plowed ahead with their effort to dismantle the Affordable Care Act, brushing aside new criticism of what their proposed legislation would do ― and ignoring protests over the hurried process they are using to enact it.Two House committees ― Energy and Commerce, and Ways and Means ― spent the day debating complementary portions of the American Health Care Act, the long-awaited bill to repeal and “replace” the 2010 health care law.The proceedings themselves moved at a typically sluggish pace, as lawmakers re-litigated the Affordable Care Act, traded barbs about the GOP bill, and squabbled about procedure. But approval in each committee seems virtually certain ― it’s just a matter of when. Afterward, legislation would go to the House Budget Committee and then finally to the House as a whole.House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) has said he hopes to wrap up the process before the April recess, which would mean the bill would go from introduction to passage in just a few weeks.
The rapid pace of action, with committee markup less than two days after GOP leaders first allowed the public to see the bill, comes amid growing discontent over the legislation. Democrats uniformly oppose Affordable Care Act repeal and the proposed GOP “replacement.” But Republican leaders face bigger problems in the forms of a conservative revolt against their plan, as well as public opposition from the American Medical Association, the American Hospital AssociationAARP and other organizations.more

International Women’s Day March in JAMAICA : Organiser, SHERELL Smith-Walker disappointed with turnout for march against violence

BY RACQUEL PORTER Observer staff reporter  Thursday, March 09, 2017

SHERELL Smith-Walker was left a disappointed woman yesterday.
It was International Women’s Day and Smith-Walker was upbeat earlier in the day, expecting a big turnout for a planned march to protest violence against women.
Burger King employees protest outside Emancipation
 Park in Kingston yesterday against violence against women.
(Photo: Karl McLarty)
But Smith-Walker, coordinator for St Andrew leg of Jamaica Against Violence/Mad House Charity, found it hard to hide her disappointment when she saw the small group which turned up to protest the rising incidence of violence against women.
The group marched from Mandela Park to Emancipation Park in observance of International Women’s Day. “…It is sad. Jamaicans don’t believe in this [as] they only talk because their neighbour’s child got raped. It is like a nine-day wonder and that is crazy. We need to move away from that,” Smith-Walker said.
She told the Jamaica Observer that she had been expecting a massive turnout, given the population density of the Corporate Area. “It could have been way more supported; this is Kingston. Persons could come out, even spend an hour, a half-an-hour, spend a minute, just come,” she said.
Smith-Walker, however, expressed gratitude to the participants in the march, including one woman who flew in from New York to support the initiative.
Some Burger King staff members participated in the march in remembrance of their co-worker 23-year-old Nile Brown and Green Pond High School student, 15-year-old Shineka Gray.
Image may contain: one or more people, people standing, people walking, cloud, sky, crowd, tree and outdoorBrown’s decomposing body was found in a barrel at Ramble District, St Thomas on February 5, while Gray’s decomposing body was found on Riverside Drive in Granville, St James, days after she went missing.
Image may contain: 7 people, people standing, people walking and outdoorTwenty-three-year-old Shamar Omeally of Ten Miles, Bull Bay, St Andrew has been charged with Brown’s murder, while 23-year-old Mario Morrison, of Bamboo district, Hanover, and 31-year-old Gregory Roberts, taxi driver of Maroon Town, St James, were charged with the murder of Gray.
Yesterday, assistant manager at the University of the West Indies branch of Burger King, Mervindavid Aarons, who had some time ago discovered on Facebook that Brown was his cousin after a picture of her was posted on another cousin’s page, said the march was not just for his cousin, but for Jamaica.
“It is a situation that affects everyone. We don’t have to wait until it reaches our doorstep before we take action. We want our voice to be heard and we plead in solidarity for all the other families and friends who have lost their loved ones due to such situations,” Aaron said, adding that he would interact with Brown during his visits to the Cross Road branch.
“She always does her work. She is not a person who would be in altercation, she normally stand her ground,” Aarons said, adding that he last saw her three weeks prior to her death.
Another colleague, Sophia Barnett, who supervised Brown for two years, said she had a good relationship with her and that she was still trying to cope with her death.
“Whatever you say to her she would say, ‘OK, miss’. It is really hard. Saturday was the funeral. We just have to hang on,” Barnett disclosed.
Barnett, who pointed out that Government alone cannot make a change, suggested that “each and everyone has to be our brothers’ keeper”. more

BRUTAL MURDERS (CLARENDON, JAM) : Gunman found guilty of quadruple murder

Tuesday, March 07, 2017 JamaicaObserver   

Jermaine Turner, the man charged with the brutal quadruple murder of three teenaged boys and a man in Monymusk Housing Scheme, Clarendon in April 2015 was yesterday found guilty on all counts.
Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Paula Llewellyn told the Jamaica Observer that during the trial Turner, who was represented by George Clue and Michael Shorter, raised the defence of alibi, saying that he was elsewhere on the night of the murders.
However, he failed to convince the jury which deliberated for 42 minutes before returning with a unanimous verdict in the Circuit Court for the parish of Clarendon where Justice Dale Palmer started hearing the case on February 15, 2017.
The victims (from left) Alex Turner, Ricardo Briscoe,
Raymond Gibbons and Marquis Hamilton.
The heartless murders of 14-year-old Raymond Givans, a student of Vere Technical High School; Ricardo Briscoe, also 14 years old, of Garvey Maceo High School; 16-year-old Alex Turner, who attended Central High; and Marquis Hamilton, a 35-year-old accounts clerk at the Sugar Company of Jamaica, enraged and shocked the nation. At the time it was reported that about 9:00 pm on April 15 Hamilton and his common law spouse were seated on the perimeter wall of their residence at Shrimp Street in the Monymusk housing scheme.
The three boys were on their way home when they stopped near to Hamilton’s house to tap into an unsecured wireless Internet service.
The couple was approached by Turner and another man. Turner brandished a gun and instructed his cohort to search and rob Hamilton and the woman of their cellular phones.
The woman eventually escaped, but Hamilton and the boys were ordered to lie face down, after which Turner shot the boys execution style in their heads. Hamilton was shot in the chest.
Turner was held during a police operation at his residence and the phones belonging to Hamilton and his spouse were taken from Turner and his sister, Sabrina Corrier.
Turner was charged with four counts of murder, robbery with aggravation and possession of illegal firearm and ammunition, while Corrier was charged with receiving stolen property.
The Crown was represented by Kelly-Ann Boyne, assistant DPP.
Sentencing is set for April 6, 2017. more

TRUMP DEMANDS CONGRESS PROBE BASELESS ‘WIRETAP’ CLAIM : Spicer Punts: No Further Comment... White House Walk-Back: ‘If This Happened’... Obama Spokesman Hits Back: ‘Simply False’...White House press secretary Sean Spicer called on Congress to investigate the allegation.

A day after President Donald Trump accused former President Barack Obama of wiretapping his communications during the late stages of the 2016 presidential campaign, White House press secretary Sean Spicer said Sunday that neither Trump nor any White House official will be commenting further on the matter.
Citing unspecified “reports concerning potentially politically motivated investigations,” Spicer announced in a statement that “neither the White House nor the President will comment further” until Congress investigates the explosive allegation as part of its existing probe into Russia’s interference in the election.
Of course, it was Trump himself who claimed, in a bizarre series of tweets Saturday morning, that his predecessor had wiretapped his communications during the campaign. It is unclear whether Trump was referring to specific intelligence he’d received in his capacity as president, or whether he was simply referring to an article from the far-right website Breitbart News that ran Friday, claiming that Obama “sought, and eventually obtained, authorization to eavesdrop on the Trump campaign.”
“Terrible!” Trump tweeted on Saturday. “Just found out that Obama had my ‘wires tapped’ in Trump Tower just before the victory. Nothing found. This is McCarthyism!”
Spicer’s statement on Sunday suggests the White House doesn’t plan to offer any evidence supporting the president’s politically charged claim. 
A spokesman for Obama denied that the former president, or any other White House official, had ordered surveillance on a private U.S. citizen.
“Any suggestion otherwise is simply false,” Kevin Lewis said Saturday.
During an appearance Sunday on ABC’s “This Week,” White House deputy press secretary Sarah Sanders said that Trump “is going off of information that he’s saying has led him to believe that this is a very real potential.” Yet she, too, did not offer evidence to back up the president’s claim.

EDI Fitzroy, Jamaican Singer dead at 61 y-o (R.I.P)

REST IN PEACE (R.I.P) EDI Fitzroy Edwards, better known by his stage name Edi Fitzroy is a Jamaican reggae singer, active since 1975 but best known for his work in the dancehall era. Wikipedia
Born: November 17, 1955 (age 61 years), Chapelton, Jamaica
Genre: Reggae
Albums: The Best Of Edi Fitzroy: The Musical Ambassador Years, Peace and Love, We A Lion, Deep In Mi Culture