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United Plans To Reduce Overbooking Flights, Offer Up To $10,000 To Forfeit Seats The new policies are part of a broader plan to “improve customer experience.”

Nearly three weeks after a United Airlines passenger was violently dragged off a plane so the company’s employees could travel instead, the embattled firm has released a set of new policies aimed at “improving customer experience.”
The memo, which was released on Thursday, outlines 10 new ways in which United will change its business practices. The most drastic overhaul comes in the amount the airline will offer passengers who volunteer to give up their seats, now set at $10,000. 
The new amount is on parity with Delta, which announced the increase in reward money just days after disturbing videos of 69-year-old Dr. David Dao being aggressively removed from a United flight from Chicago to Louisville, Kentucky. United offered passengers aboard flight 3411 $400, then $800 to forfeit their spots, but still nobody volunteered. Dao was chosen at random to give up his seat after already boarding the plane.
United CEO Oscar Munoz, who has been the head of the company through several PR disasters of late, said the new procedures came out of a review of this month’s incident involving Dao, which sparked international outrage“Our review shows that many things went wrong that day, but the headline is clear: our policies got in the way of our values and procedures interfered in doing what’s right,” he said in a statement. 
The airline also vows to “reduce the amount of overbooking flights” and “limit use of law enforcement to safety and security issues only.”

ASSAULT ON SCAMMING IN JAMAICA : 5,000 cases under investigation, says US official which has bilked United States citizens, mainly seniors, of more than US$5.6 million

BY TANESHA MUNDLE Observer staff reporter  Thursday, April 27, 2017

ALMOST 5,000 cases involving Jamaicans are currently being investigated in the multimillion-dollar lottery scam, which has bilked United States citizens, mainly seniors, of more than US$5.6 million.“There are thousands of cases being investigated right now; hundreds of cases have already been prosecuted internationally and here in Jamaica. We have hundreds of extraditions pending in the United States, and we expect to see a steady flow of people going up to the United States to face justice for this crime,” Joshua Polacheck, counsellor for public affairs at the United States Embassy in Kingston, told journalists yesterday as Jamaica extradited its largest batch of alleged scammers, who were flown from the Norman Manley International Airport in Kingston to North Dakota under heavy security.
“Right now we have dozens of extradition cases that are already at the extradition level, and another 300 to 500 cases that are at the pre-extradition stage, so between the Jamaican investigation and the investigation in the United States we are looking at as much as 3,000 to 5,000 active investigations,” Polacheck added. He said, however, that he could not say how many people in total were being investigated as some cases overlapped.
The shocking revelation of the extent of the illegal scheme came yesterday as eight alleged offenders, believed to be members of one of the country's largest lottery scamming syndicates, led by alleged mastermind Lavric Willocks, were extradited to the United States to face charges. more

FLOW TO TAKE LEAD TO ENCOURAGE JAMAICAN WOMEN: Focus today on girls in information communication technology (ICT)

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Telecommunications firm FLOW says it will be taking the lead role by encouraging more Jamaican women and girls to consider careers in the field of information communication technology (ICT). The company, meanwhile, will for the second year join thousands across the globe to celebrate International Girls in ICT Day, when it participates in two local events to mark annual Girls in ICT Day, organised by the Office of Utilities Regulations (OUR).
FLOW is sponsor of the two events that will see more than 400 girl students engaged in mentorship sessions and other activities, led largely by local women leaders in the ICT profession.
Students at last years event
Through the annual Girls in ICT Day Conference, which is being hosted by the OUR, more than 300 female students from high schools across the island will meet at the Jamaica Pegasus Hotel in Kingston for a full day of presentations to promote opportunities and careers available at the various ICT agencies and organisations.
Awards will be presented to OUR manager for ICT regulation and policy, Evona Channer, who has been recognised as “OUR's ICT Role Model 2016”; Dr Moniphia Hewling, cybercrimes consultant in the Ministry of Science Energy and Technology, will receive the “Girls in ICT Role Model 2016” award, while vice-president for legal and regulatory affairs at FLOW, Rochelle Cameron, has been selected as the “Girls in ICT Guru 2016”.
Director of consumer and public affairs at the OUR, Yvonne Nicholson, said, “Last year's staging of the event was very successful, with some 200 students and teachers from about 20 high schools across Jamaica attending and giving positive feedback on how helpful it was to them. This is our second year of hosting a Girls in ICT Day event, and we are very heartened by the level of sponsorship we have been able to obtain, to make this day possible.” more

HOW WOULD YOU LIKE TO BE PAID $1.55/Hr ($62/wk)?: IVANKA TRUMP Linked To Chinese Factory That Paid Workers $62 A Week, Violated A Slew Of Labor Standards.... This isn’t surprising, but still disappointing.

Ivanka Trump
Ivanka Trump spent time in Berlin Tuesday talking publicly about the need to support families and the role of female entrepreneurs. The same day, a new report revealed employees of a Chinese factory contracted by G-III Apparel Group, the company that exclusively licenses Trump’s branded clothing line, were working extra-long hours for little pay.
The Washington Post first reported that employees at a G-III-contracted factory in China worked nearly 60 hours per week to make little more than $62 per week, according to an October audit by the watchdog group Fair Labor Association. That’s about half the salary of the average Chinese manufacturing worker, according to Newsweek. 
The FLA cited the factory for two dozen violations of international labor standards after inspecting its operations. more

TOO MUCH GUNS IN JAMAICA : St James police joyful over gun, bullet find

BY HORACE HINES Staff reporter  Sunday, April 23, 2017

MONTEGO BAY, St James — The St James police are celebrating the interception of a massive cache of guns and ammunition at the Montego Bay wharf on Friday.
The cops cut off eight illegal weapons and 1496 assorted rounds of bullets before they could reach the clutches of criminals.
According to head of the St James Police Division Senior Superintendent Marlon Nesbeth, the weapons, which included a high-powered rifle, a shotgun and six handguns, and the mixed ammo, were found by the police in two barrels during a search at the wharf.
01The barrels were shipped from a Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA address, the senior cop disclosed. SSP Nesbeth noted that a probe is now underway in connection with the find, but so far no one has been held.
He further noted that earlier this year, arrests were made and charges laid in connection with a similar discovery at the wharf, situated in Freeport.
“It is to be noted that this is not the first time in recent times that guns have been found on the wharf.
Earlier this year two persons were arrested after two weapons were found under similar circumstances,” SSP Nesbeth told the
Jamaica Observer.
Last month, Deputy Commissioner of Police Novelette Grant, who was acting as commissioner of police, reported that 135 people were arrested in connection with the seizure of 183 illegal firearms, up to that point.
“Since the beginning of the year we have arrested 135 persons for illegal possession of firearms, we have seized 183 illegal firearms,” DCP Grant stated. more