JAMAICAN Gov't urged to speed up paternity leave legislation by Danny Roberts, Head of the Hugh Shearer Labour Studies Institute

Danny Roberts, Head of HLSI & PALAS Director
Sunday, January 13, 2019

KINGSTON, Jamaica — Head of the Hugh Shearer Labour Studies Institute, Danny Roberts, is calling on the Government to speed-up the passage of legislation necessary to provide a statutory right to paternity leave for Jamaican men at the workplace.
He noted that paternity leave provisions are becoming more common across the globe and reflect evolving views about the importance of fatherhood in a child's development.
Roberts made the call for the speeding up of the legislation on Sexual Harassment and Occupational Safety and Health as this year marks the centennial celebrations of the International Labour Organisation and the 100 anniversary of the passing of the Trade Union Act of 1919.
He said the year should also be used to review a number of other labour legislations, including the Maternity Leave Law, where ILO standards now set the minimum period at 14 weeks, and the Labour Relations Code to strengthen the procedural measures relevant to disciplinary procedures.
According to Roberts, enshrining a statutory right to paid paternity leave by way of legislation would signal the value the government places on the care work of women and men and would help to advance gender equality. more

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JAMAICAN-born attorney, Winston Tucker makes difference amid Trump onslaught

NEW YORK, United States (CMC) — Prominent Jamaican-born immigration attorney Winston Tucker is making a huge impact on the Caribbean community in the United States amid attacks on immigrants by US President Donald J Trump.
TUCKER... the focus continues to be services to the
community that will impact their level of participation
in their governance [and] improve their economic circumstances
The Queens-based Tucker told the Caribbean Media Corporation (CMC) that he has established “a very satisfying immigration law practice” that he integrates with caring for his family, engaging in community service, teaching, and media appearances.
Tucker, who considers himself a family and community immigration lawyer, has incorporated his immigration law practice with the ambitious agenda of the Queens-based Caribbean Immigrants Services, Inc (CIS), which he co-founded with his compatriot, Irwine Clare Sr, “to bridge the void created by the reduction in Government services to the immigrant community in general, and the Caribbean community in particular”.
Tucker said his philosophy, shared by CIS, is that “the strength and effective function of family, businesses, communities, and nation are interrelated, and closely correlate to their level of participation in the democratic process.
“As such, the focus continues to be services to the community that will impact their level of participation in their governance [and] improve their economic circumstances, leading to economic and political empowerment,” he said. more

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Donald Trump Tells His Acting Chief of Staff, Mick Mulvaney to Fuck Off During Shutdown Negotiations in the White House

Mick Mulvaney
Donald Trump
Trump Reportedly Flays Mick Mulvaney, his acting Chief of Staff In Meeting: ‘You Just F**ked It All Up’ ….
In negotiations over border wall money, Trump was reportedly sticking to his asking price, but Mulvaney was willing to come down. In a heated round of negotiations over his demands for $5.7 billion to build a border wall, President Donald Trump allegedly berated acting chief of staff Mick Mulvaney as he tried to work a deal.
According to Axios, which broke the story Sunday citing sources present at the Jan. 4 meeting in the White House. Situation Room, Trump was sticking to his asking price, but Mulvaney was willing to come down.
Describing the scene, one of the sources told Axios that Mulvaney had indicated “that if Dems weren’t OK with $5.7 [billion] and the president wasn’t OK with $1.3 [the Democratic offer] ... he was trying to say we should find a middle ground.”
That reportedly sent the president into a fit, as he cut off Mulvaney, telling him, “You just fucked it all up, Mick.”
A CNN article also published Sunday told the same story, citing an official in the room who recalled Trump saying, “Stop, stop, just stop ― What are you doing? You’re fucking it all up, Mick.
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RAPE RAMPANT IN JAMAICA: Over 340 sexual offences cases.... Senior deputy DPP urges more focus on prosecution of offenders

Deputy Superintendent of Police Linval Phoenix (left) escorts
 Justice Carol Lawrence-Beswick, who is accompanied by
 Custos of St Andrew Dr Patricia Dunwell and Deputy
 Custos of Kingston Rion Hall during the parade to mark the
 opening of the Hilary Term at the Home Circuit Court in
downtown Kingston, yesterday. (Photo: Karl McLarty) 
BY TANESHA MUNDLE Observer staff reporter mundlet@jamaicaobserver.com  Tuesday, January 08, 2019

In light of the high number of sexual offences matters before the Home Circuit Court, Senior Deputy Director of Public Prosecutions Jeremy Taylor yesterday called for more focus to be placed on the investigation, prosecution and punishment of sexual offenders.
“It is true that while murder is very serious because it involves the taking of a life, the number of sexual offences cry out for attention by our policymakers also. I say that to say initiatives and drive that are put into murders and gang cases should also be put into the investigation, prosecution and punishment of these sexual offenders,” Taylor said during his brief address at the opening of the Hilary Term.
The senior prosecutor's call was spurred by the 342 sexual offences cases which are booked to be dealt with during this term, including 189 rape cases; 76 cases of sexual intercourse with a person under 16 years of age; 24 buggery cases; nine cases of grievous sexual assault; seven sexual touching cases; and five cases of child pornography.
The combined sexual offences cases are however led by 556 cases of murder, which Taylor dubbed the “emperor of iniquity”.
In the meantime, the senior deputy director of public prosecutions said, based on the nearly 1,000 cases which are to be heard, the use of court time and expedition of justice is now the rallying cry.
“How is that we can get these cases tried and how is it we can deliver justice and law timely and to the high standards of law?” he asked. more

JAMAICA NEWS: Unidentified man killed at Twickenham Park bus stop Monday, January 07, 2019

ST CATHERINE, Jamaica — A man was murdered by armed men who opened fire at a bus stop in Twickenham Park, St Catherine yesterday afternoon, the police have reported.
Another man, who was at the bus stop at the time of the incident, managed to escape unharmed. The shooting took place about 3:30 pm.
Police have reported that the slain man remains unidentified. He is said to be of brown complexion and appears to be in his early twenties.
He was clad in a multi-coloured long sleeve shirt, blue jeans and multi-coloured slippers....Source : Jamaica Observer 1/7/19