PARROTTFISH DILEMA IN JAMAICA: Environmentalists encourage preservation, but some fisherfolk resisting...Should The Banning of ParrottFish Capture Be Introduced?

Fisherman Rohan McCarty, explains that if
100 pounds of fish come in, 97 pounds are parrotfish
 and as a result, a ban on the parrotfish
would stop his livelihood.
 (Photos: Joseph Wellington) 
BY KIMBERLEY HIBBERT Observer staff reporter  Sunday, April 08, 2018 

DESPITE efforts by environmentalists encouraging Jamaicans to save the parrotfish because of its contribution to preserving the island's marine environment and beaches, some fisherfolk are unyielding.
In fact, a visit to popular fishing villages in St Catherine on Easter Monday revealed that though there has been sustained public education on why parrotfish should not be consumed or drawn from the sea, a number Jamaicans have missed the point and continue to make big demands on the product.
WEETOM... I cannot support that ban if
it should come into effect 
As a result, the livelihood of fisherfolk becomes largely dependent on the product, putting a strain on the efforts of the various campaigns.
One campaign, the Save the parrotfish, Save Our Islands, is working overtime to increase awareness of the decreasing parrotfish population and its many implications on the marine environment.
The campaign's overarching aim is to introduce improved management systems, either by implementing a closed season, adding parrotfish to the protected species list, or the introduction of stricter sanctions for catching undersized fish. more

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