13 MONTHS OF MISERY, PALAS Awardee Shamiesha-Kaye Lewis Suffers From A Poor Surgery at UHWI...."I Cried day in , day out"

WHAT should have been a small surgical procedure to correct a broken joint in the left 'pinky' finger of Shamiesha-Kaye Lewis has turned into 13 months of misery.
Lewis told the Jamaica Observer that last March she went on a hike where she fell and knocked the finger on a stone, which resulted in the damage unknown to her at the time.
“I went home and felt okay. It had a little tingling, but I didn't think it was extreme. By the Sunday morning it was swollen, and on the Monday I went to my doctor and he ordered an X-ray which proved it was broken,” Lewis said.
“He recommended me to a private doctor which I could not afford, so I went back to him to get another referral and he sent me to the University Hospital of the West Indies (UHWI),” the Jamaica Observer employee went on.
Lewis said that although she took with her the initial X-rays, UHWI did its own examination to prove the finger was really broken and put it in a cast to see if it would get the bone back in order.
According to Lewis, when that did not work, she was scheduled for surgery.
“Based on the information I received from the private doctor that my doctor had recommended, he explained it was a short procedure where I would come in, do it, go home, rest up and go about my business. I am thinking [if] I go to the hospital with this said procedure it would work out just the same. After surgery I requested to be sent home, as I did not want to be admitted, and the doctor approved. I went home with instructions and medication,” she said. more

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