COULD WE BE HAVING A IMPACT CHANGE IN JAMAICA? Bounty's fed up! - Deejay looks at crime

BY KEVIN JACKSON Observer writer  Friday, February 09, 2018

Bounty Killer is concerned about the crime wave that has Jamaicans from Kingston to Negril Point cowering. One of dancehall's elder statesmen, the deejay told Splash this week that he has never seen this level of disorder in the country.
The 45-year-old artiste shared his concerns on Tuesday as he donated 63 beds to the Kingston Public Hospital in west Kingston.
“The youths dem need to find back demselves, because they have lost demselves an' mi a wonder if dem have any soul. The things that they are doing, it's crazy,” he said.
He pointed to continued violence in sections of St James despite a state of Emergency imposed in that parish for nearly one month.
“Normally when man si soldier, dem run gone, dem naw stick around. These youths don't value life. I think it's the morals an' attitude of the people in general. Society has left dem on their own. Dem youths nowadays, don't listen to elders,” Bounty Killer stressed. more