BLIZZARD : Brutal Winter Storm Leaves East Coast Blanketed In Snow As Airports Slowly Reopen As the storm passed, officials warned of frigid temperatures continuing throughout the night.

By Nina Golgowski and Nick Visser Jan 5, 2018
A pedestrian in New York City’s snow-covered
 Times Square on Jan. 4, 2018.
A vortex of ice and howling wind left up to a foot of snow over parts of the Northeast on Thursday as the first major winter storm of 2018 barreled up the coast. Authorities throughout the region declared states of emergencies and canceled thousands of flights meant to ferry post-holiday travelers home.
Almost no part of the Eastern Seaboard was spared from frigid temperatures that plunged well below freezing, and snow fell from New England all the way down to Georgia and the Carolinas. 
Image result for ice on building pic
Firefighters spray down hot spots on an
ice covered warehouse that caught fire 
The National Weather Service in Boston said the worst of the storm had passed by Thursday evening, but left wind advisories in place through early Friday and the city canceled school for the second day in a row. Thousands of flights were canceled across the country on Thursday, and airlines pre-emptively canceled hundreds more on Friday.
Despite the blanket of snow, New York City’s LaGuardia Airport had reopened late.