2018 GRAMMY by Tony Morrison : Stop the griping over the Grammy; do the work!

Tony Morrison  Monday, January 29, 2018
Freddie McGregor

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Grammy season this year came with the usual nonsense of jealous and ill-informed individuals griping about the Marley name having some unfair hold on the Reggae category. In another article, 'Put the 'bad-mind' Marley Grammy argument to rest (Sunday Observer, January 28, 2018), I discredit this drivel by documenting each time in the history of the Reggae Grammy that a Marley has been nominated and how many awards they've won, fairly or not, and how many times they've been beaten, but there are a few other things to point out.
Tony Morrison
Firstly, it is one thing to hear this babble from arbitrary nobodys, but when someone as respected and globally beloved as Freddie McGregor stoops to get involved in this unbecoming 'cass-cass' it is truly unfortunate. But, since he has put himself in the argument, let's take a look at who's talking.
Since you're complaining, Freddie, where is your plethora of Grammy-worthy albums? Freddie McGregor has given the world a lot of good singles, but there is, to date, no reggae category for singles, only albums. Like Beres, he produces many great songs, but is obviously no good at effectively compiling quality albums with the best of those songs. Maybe he should ask the Marleys for help. more