I HAVE CANCER : Former Miss Jamaica Universe, Senator fighting breast cancer Losing not an option, says Dr Saphire Longmore

Wednesday, December 20, 2017
Dr. Saphire Longmore
Government Senator Dr Saphire Longmore has revealed that she is waging a mind-numbing battle with breast cancer, having been diagnosed in October this year.
But Dr Longmore, who was Miss Jamaica Universe 2000, has decided to use her illness to help others, and, in a heart-felt article written for the Jamaica Observer, has encouraged people to take care of their health.
Here is Dr Longmore's experience and advice in her own words.

LONGMORE... my future is unknown,
 but I have reason to fight and
 live (Photo: Bryan Cummings) 
“On October 3, 2017, my life changed. The day after Breast Cancer Awareness Month was launched the quintessential happened: I stepped out the shower and felt a lump in my breast, a lump that had been there for a some weeks but only in that moment did I become 'aware' of it… immediately I felt it, I knew; it was the big C. By mind was a void.
It's a day I will never forget. I was preparing to go to work where I was to be conducting ward rounds at the hospital, after which I was to get my kids from school and run errands. I conducted the two-hour round in a daze, sticking to the clinical care of my patients and teaching the students, knowing fully well the possibility of that being the last time I would be doing it. My brain was numb with the looming awareness... I have cancer. more