CASTOR OIL — Jamaican black gold.... Producer argues that country is losing out...missing out on billions of dollars internationally.

By Javene Skyers  Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Lindo's castor oil is produced under the
 brand Outa Earth and is sold locally
 as well as internationally. (Photo: Shirley Lindo) 
Most business people, while they may work late into the night, will get the chance to catch a few hours of sleep in their beds or even at a desk.
Shirley Lindo, however, spends her late nights next to a large boiling pot containing a product that has been a hidden jewel on the market — Jamaican Black Castor Oil.
The product, made from the oil nut bean, although a powerful laxative, is also sought after for haircare and skincare.
Lindo, along with her husband, has been producing castor oil for over 20 years. They operate their factory on their home property just outside of Spanish Town, St Catherine, nestled on a part of the Bernard Lodge Estate.
Lindo scrapes the bottom of the
pot to ensure that the oil is not
burned during the boiling process.
Photo: Lionel Rookwood) 
The factory, which was built by the castor oil enthusiasts a few years ago, has a drying house as well as a specially constructed exterior building to facilitate the arduous process of boiling the castor oil.
Oil produced by Lindo is labelled “Outa Earth (Processors Limited)” and is certified by the Bureau of Standards with the 'Jamaican Made' mark, approving the authenticity and quality of the product.
“Our label Outa Earth doesn't bottle black castor oil, when I say black, … it is black castor oil by the process, but we don't put black castor oil on the shelf, our castor oil is a medium dark or the light one, which people request,” Lindo explained, while stirring a bubbling pot of oil. more